Things to Consider When Insulating Your Walls 

Chances are the external walls of your house are solid walls instead of cavity walls if it was constructed before the 1920s.  

For those who don’t know: 

  • Cavity walls are made of 2 layers with a cavity or tiny gap between them. 
  • Solid walls don’t have a gap. Thus, you can’t fill them with cavity wall insulation. 

However, you can still insulate solid walls, either from the outside or the inside. Keep in mind that it’s much more expensive compared to insulating a regular cavity wall. However, you’ll save a lot of money on your heating bills.  

Before you insulate your wall with spray foam insulation Santa Rosa, here are several things to consider: 

Know the Type of Wall 

Chances are your walls aren’t insulated if you’ve got solid walls. However, before that, you have to find out first what type of walls you’ve got.  

You can look at the bricks’ pattern if you can see the brickwork on the exterior side of your home. This can show how the wall has been constructed. 

  • Typically, the bricks would have the same pattern. In addition to that, every brick placed lengthways if the house has cavity walls. 
  • The bricks would have alternating patterns, with a couple of bricks placed throughout the wall if your house has solid walls.  

You can also tell what type of walls you have by measuring the wall’s width if the brickwork has been covered. Check the door or window on one of your external walls.  

  • A narrower wall is possibly a solid wall. Stone walls might be thicker. However, they’re typically solid. 
  • It is possibly a cavity wall if a brick wall is more than 250mm thick. 

You’ll require a professional insulation contractor to offer you recommendations if you live in a home that has non-conventional construction such s timber-framed, steel, or concrete building.  

How to Save Money on Wall Insulation 

If you want to hire an insulation company to completely insulate your entire house, completely redecorate it, and replace every single thing, then you will probably have to spend a lot of money. A lot of homeowners want this. However, they still want to do something to save a couple of bucks. It is recommended to insulate the wall whenever you’re having other renovation or building project if you want to spend less.  

Whenever you are planning to renovate your house or fit a new bathroom or kitchen, internal insulation can be fitted. In addition to that, you can spend less if you insulate one room at a time.  

If you insulate your home while you are having other exterior work done, you’ll save some money on insulation. You’ll likely have scaffolding up already if you are having solar PV panels fitted, painting the windows, or having a new roof. This can save a little on the costs. It is worth getting an estimate for a full refurbishment if your walls require repainting or other repair projects. Make sure it includes insulation. You’ll save a lot of money if you do two projects at the same time.